Saturday, June 13, 2009

***Featured Seller of the Week***

!bubbletub is my featured seller of the week!
eemOCEAN Salt Soap Bar $5.00

here is the interview.....

What do you make?
Handcrafted Artisan Soaps, Lip Balms, Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Moisturizers, Hair & Body Fragrant Mists, Perfumes, Room Sprays and the list goes on.

Where do you get your inspiration?
The world around me.
What is your favorite piece from your own shop?
I don't have a favorite I love all my products because I know how hard it is to create from beginning to end. I will say I love to create Cold Process Soaps, you can really play with color and scents which feeds my creative playful side.

If you could buy anything on Etsy, what would it be?
Some more hours in the day would be lovely.

What made you start making your item?
My mom inspired me she used to take me around the garden when I was little showing me herbs and teaching me what they can be used for and their benefits. I guess one thing led to another and here I am today.

Do you enjoy making it?
I love what I do, it's a pleasure getting up in the morning and walking in my soap shop/work room. Everything I make I take pride in and make sure each product is perfect.
Do you have a favorite purchase or two?
I love every purchase I make because being an artist on etsy I know how much work someone has gone through to create something.


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