Thursday, January 8, 2009

Six Facts About ME!!!

TheVintageClost tagged me so here I go :)

the rules:
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One-When I was little, I called myself "Jackie" and when my mom said "Kelly lunch is ready" I would say "NO Jackie!"

Two-In school, my favorite subjects are science, history, pre algebra, and computer because I am allowed to go on Etsy during computers!

Three-I am really short, only 4.7" and when I am fully grown I am supposed to be 5 ft.

Four-Ellen and American Idol are my favorite TV shows.

Five-I was born in Delaware..... no idea where!

Six-My favorite song is "Gotta Be Somebody."

Stimulated Mind (f2images)
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Transition (teamzvonik)

Thanks, hope you enjoy :)

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