Monday, May 18, 2009

Featured Seller of the Week!

persnicketypelican is our featured seller of the week! WHOO-HOOO!

here is the interview.....
What do you sell?
We sell many items that are perfect for gift giving. We have note card sets, tote bags, birth announcement dolls, felted soap packages, and more!

Where do you get your inspiration?
Pam gets her inspiration from gardening and nature. Tara gets hers from the cute whimsical things in the world.

What is your favorite piece from your own shop?
Tara’s favorite is her birthday wishes felted soap gift set in peach with polka dots. Pam’s favorite is the entire My Lil’ Aardvark stuffed toy family.

If you could buy anything on Etsy, what would it be?
Pam would buy anything having to do with dachshunds or pelicans. Tara would find something very cute preferably with polka dots or pink! :)

What made you start making your item?
Well, we’ve been crafting for most of our lives, so we were always trying new things. Pam has been sewing ever since she was a little girl and Tara’s been making cards for family members for many years as well. The felted soap idea is a recent addition to our crafting repertoire. We just happened to stumble on it while searching for new crafting ideas, now it’s one of our favorite things to make.

Do you enjoy making it?
Definitely. Everyday we’re so glad that we get to come up with new ideas and turn them into something others can enjoy!

Do you have a favorite purchase or two?
Tara got her mom (Pam) a cute dachshund stuffed mini pillow for Mother’s Day this year. It is so cute and it’s from a shop on Etsy called Cuore.

Pam and Tara have agreed to do a giveaway for my blog! Im so honored! They are giving away this bag (shown below)! All you have to do is leave a comment here telling us what your favorite item from Pam and Tara's shop and also mine. You must include your answers and where to contact you (etsy username, email, ect.). Please enter! If any questions feel free to contact me at or send me a convo to sweetnessjewelry. Thanks -Kelly


l'actrice said...

I love all this little gift ideas!

Jennie said...

Just love the personalized totes!
What a great price too.


Maizie Designs said...

I love the Father's Day cards with removable ties from persnickety.

I love the Orange Swirl Earrings from your shop.

Maizie Designs on Etsy - Rebecca

Lickety Split said...

I love the Dachshund Whimsical Woolies Felted Soap with Gift Bag, Tag, and Tissue Paper! very cute!

I love Sweetness' Plum and also the Adventure Earrings.

Great giveaway, thanks!

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