Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Name Game!!!


Here's the rules! This new necklace needs a name. Please leave a comment on this blog with your idea/ideas and if one of yours is chosen, you win a piece of jewelry! You tell me what you want, I make it! This necklace will be listed for sale in my shop using the winning name. You may enter up to 8 names and your email address or etsy username needs to be included in your comment on this blog.

Please enter my first name game!

If any questions, email me at kayjay5115@aol.com or convo me on etsy (sweetnessjewelry)

Ends April 22, 2009 and winner will be announced April 24.
Thanks so much :)


Jess said...

Hey girl how are ya!? great necklace!

sweet teardrops
candy tears


lillyella said...

Hey Kelly!
Im so excited to see your first name Game - great job girl!
I'll have to think for a day or two on a good name, but Ill be back soon with my entries!
love, nicole

Janelle said...


K. Nice said...

sweet drops
sugar coated
delightful droplet


Clover and Violet said...

Wow, this is super cute! I especially love the red and white combo. It makes me think of candy! I think I'd call it:

Cinnamon Tear Drop
Cherry Dew Droplet
Candy Cane Rain
Cinnamon S'mores (the white beads remind me of Marshmellows)

cloverandviolet @ Etsy

maiziedesigns said...

Hi There,
Love your jewelry and it is so great to see such a motivated talent on Etsy! Keep it up!! You are very inspiring!

Let's see........
Sweet Tart
Red Rover
Peppermint Stick

Thanks for hosting this!!

eNVe said...

adorable! let's see... how about..

sugar and spice
swinging sweetness

I'll be back if I think of more. :)

Dina Fragola said...

Lovely and fun!
I'd call it "bonbon" ^_^

sanourra said...

Hi Kelly-
I think it's awesome and inspirational that you've found what you love and are growing a business from it at such a young age!

My name ideas for your necklace are:
Raspberries & Cream
A Taste of Summer


North and Oak said...


North and Oak said...

OH! my etsy name for convo-ing is kate36ortiz

ehaire said...

Cute necklace! Here are my entries.

Sour Cherry
Spring Carnival
Cherry Blossom
Raspberry Lemonade
Summer Rain
Cherry Snowcone
Fire & Ice

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Erika (erika.haire@verizon.net)

ownedbyIDI said...

Hi! Congrats on your blog and name game!
This necklace looks good enough to eat. so how about:
1.Cotton Candy
2.Fairy Candy

etsyname: cacahouette

uncorked said...

OK I am going to have to sleep on this....

Janelle said...

oh, i forgot to leave my email: jando_27 at hotmail dot com

Lickety Split said...

go Kel!
how about:
Cherry Jubilee

bye sweetie

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