Friday, August 21, 2009

Featured Seller of the Week! of Lickety Split Jewelry (my Aunt Jenny)

is the featured seller of the week!

Q: What do you make?

A: Jewelry, mostly oxidized sterling silver jewelry because I love the contrast it gives

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: Clothing, colors, fashion

Q: What is your favorite piece from your own shop?
A: My Sea Salt necklace

Q: If you could buy anything on Etsy, what would it be?

A: oh my, I want lots of things on Etsy! Here are just a few things:
1. I would like this enamel disk necklace by Kathi Roussel
2. I would love this for my son's nursery by LinnPhotography
3. 5 Blue Birds by Red Hot Pottery
4. Ocean Spray necklace by Sweetness Jewelry

Q: How did you start your creations?
A: I dabbled with making jewelry years ago because my sister Laura, made jewelry and I thought it would be a fun hobby. But it wasn't until a co-worker of mine introduced me to Etsy that I kicked it into high gear just so I could have a shop, I loved and do love Etsy very much and wanted to be a part of the Etsy community.

Q: Do you enjoy making it?
A: yes, very much so. However, I haven't had any new designs recently because I had a baby almost 3 months ago. Now that he just started sleeping through the night, I don't really have the sleep deprivation excuse, so I better get moving!

Q: Do you have a favorite purchase or two (or three)?
my "sweet" dish by Lisa Brinkley
my "Dog's Rule" Charm Necklace by Amie King
and my tote bag by DrikaB

Jenny has agreed to participate in a giveaway!
She is giving away her "Tribal Council" necklace to a lucky winner.

All you have to do is comment here on this blog
and tell me what your favorite piece from Jenny's shop is!
For additional entries, follow me on twitter and my blog!
If you already do, let me know!
This giveaway will close September 1st.
Alright well, thank you and please enter!!!

Love, Kelly


amysingley said...

I love Jenn! My favorite piece has to be the Casino Night bracelet~ It is perfectly done~

Hugs to you sweet thing~

xoxo~ ames

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jenn! You know I love you! (Thanks for featuring her, Kelly) My favorite piece that's currently in the shop is Blooming Onion, but I'll always love Jelly Beans! :D



l'actrice said...

Jenny just has her own style! Very pretty!
Congratulations to the babY!
Excellent interview, Kelly!

Ginny Huber said...

Yay! Jenn! I finally got a Google account and now know how to (we hope) leave a comment. I love lots of your jewelry but I'll have to go now with the Blooming Onion..fits for fall colors and all. Nice Kelly did this!

Chris said...

Wow! What a beautiful and very talented Family! I love all of Jenn's pieces! I probably could open up my own little shop with all the goodies I have gotten from her!!
Everytime I wear them, I get such wonderful compliments. I will be praying for your Aunt Laura.
All the best to you all.

Stay Tuned said...

I like everything. Jenn paid me to say that...........
ha ha :D Great interview Kell!
(laura.... or aunt laura! )



I love Jenn's pieces, so fun and happy! My favorite, though, would be the "teaberry" necklace:

Great Blog!!
Peace and smiles...

TanyaMac said...

My goodness.... do I have to pick only one thing??? Well that would have to be the Casino bracelet - so rich and unctious followed by those blooming onions!

Tanya ;)*

roughmagiccreations said...

First, that's a fabulous interview, Kelly! I enjoyed it!

Next, my favorite piece from Jenn's shop is -- hmmm ... gotta say it: Tribal Council itself! And I'm not just saying that. I was planning an EPE treasury named for it and then it just wasn't there anymore. Now I know where it went. :)


Sheva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheva said...

I love your blog, it's sooo creative!:))))

I deleted my last comment because I forgot to tell you that my favorite item in Jenn's shop is...

"Island Time" - I love that one.

Anonymous said...

My favorite piece was Honeydew, but that sold! But I love pretty much everything else too!

AccessoReese said...

I love all of Jenn's jewelry, but interestingly enough - her tribal necklace has always been one of my favorites! The Blooming Onion is a close second. What an incredibly talented family you all are! Best to you all from the unrelated "Reese".

roughmagiccreations said...

Wooohooo! Thank you soooo much, Kelly and Jenn! I'm thrilled to have won "Tribal Council" and can hardly wait to start wearing it! Yay! Oh, Yay! xoxoxo

kathiroussel said...

wow kelly-- this has been a great treat--watching and hearing you play your recital piece ( i love john lennon--and that beautiful song!) and reading your aunt jenn's interview.

i love the way jenn uses color in her pieces--there is always a wonderful light in everything she does--and always so beautifully photographed!

my current faves are teaberry and the beautifully simple seasalt!

roughmagiccreations said...

Wow Kelly! My Tribal Council necklace has arrived and I am absolutely thrilled with it! It's just as beautiful "in person" as it is in the photo!!! I've already worn it several times and you should have heard the compliments I've received -- and of course I tell everybody all about you and Jenn and your blog and Etsy and everything! Thank you soooo much for hosting this giveaway!

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